Dewey Turner III

Partner, Operations

Prior to joining SSC in 2017, Mr. Turner spent two years as a Principal, Portfolio Operations with Clearlake Capital and eight years as Sr. Vice President and Operational Executive at The Gores Group. In his 10+ years of private equity experience, Mr. Turner was the lead operational subject matter expert on over 200 potential transactions and led the post-acquisition operational carve-out, integration, and/or stand up of over 20 companies. Mr. Turner specializes in business turnarounds, asset optimization, supply chain management, lean operational excellence, and lean manufacturing. His engagements across a broad spectrum of industries include Aerospace, Medical Devices/Pharma, Automotive, Building Materials, Business Services, and Electronics/Technology. Mr. Turner has stepped into numerous interim leadership roles at portfolio companies including CEO and COO. Prior to his experience in private equity, Mr. Turner was the Chief Executive Officer of the aerospace company Precision Components Int’l, Inc. as well as Sr. Vice President of Global Sourcing and Operations at Crane Aerospace.