Salvatore Fazzolari


Mr. Fazzolari is the former Chairman, President, and CEO of Harsco Corporation, an industrial solutions company that provides products and services to the global steel, rail, energy, and infrastructure markets. During his four years as CEO of Harsco, Mr. Fazzolari initiated a strategic business transformation founded on globalization, innovation, and optimization. Mr. Fazzolari worked at Harsco from 1980-2012 and held numerous positions at the firm prior to becoming CEO, including President (2 years), CFO (10 years), Treasurer, Corporate Controller, Director of Internal Audit, Senior Auditor, and Auditor. Currently, Mr. Fazzolari is the President and CEO of Salvatore Fazzolari Advisors LLC, a management consulting firm that drives results by focusing on strategy, execution, and company culture. Mr. Fazzolari earned a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University.