SSC focuses on investing in established companies with sustainable competitive advantages. The Firm seeks to back strong management teams that will benefit from the team’s operating and M&A capabilities. SSC’s flexible investment mandate allows the Firm to invest significant capital in its portfolio companies in order to drive organic growth and fund acquisitions.

Our Advantages

SSC approaches transactions as a “solution provider.” The following qualities make SSC a preferred partner:

  • Engaged decision-makers who help maximize efficiency
  • Flexible capital and deal structures that provide high certainty to close
  • Deep industry expertise to help support management teams operationally and strategically

Investment Criteria

SSC is a control / buy-out private investment firm within the lower-middle market. Our team and advisors have significant experience and interest in the Diversified Industrials sector. When evaluating a company, we look for the following criteria:


North American Industrial Businesses


EBITDA Ranging Between $5 - $20 Million


Privately-Owned Businesses or Corporate Carve-Outs


Secular Tailwinds and Defensive End-Markets


Sustainable Competitive Advantages


Proven Management


  • Strategic fit with a platform portfolio company
  • Complementary services / products
  • Direct competitors or indirect competitors in an adjacent market
  • Overlapping customers
  • Based in North America
  • EBITDA ranging between $3 – $15 million

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