SSC believes that consistent and sustainable business practices generate competitive advantages. The Firm understands that investors increasingly expect thorough and transparent Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) reporting. With Industrials in particular, where “controllable risks” such as material extraction and handling are generally considered higher, ESG adaptation and reporting can mitigate risk.

Extraction, worker safety, and the relative cleanliness of a company’s practices at a local level (such as concerns about air pollution or runoff), represent significant industry-specific ESG issues. From due diligence to training and monitoring, SSC aims to encourage and implement ESG practices at every step of the acquisition and transformation process.

Who Cares Wins

To learn more about the foundational principles of ESG, read “Who Cares Wins”, the groundbreaking 2005 UN Global Compact Report that coined the term ESG.


SSC has a firm wide commitment to support charitable causes and organizations. The Firm selects specific charities to support, while taking environmental, social and government (ESG) issues into account. Employees across SSC support and participate in volunteer events with these select charities: