Why SSC?

Experienced Team

SSC’s team consists of seasoned professionals who have worked together at each stage of the investment process. SSC’s in-house operations team works to balance operational excellence with company culture.

The SSC Way℠, which integrates operational engagement with M&A resources, allows the Firm to drive significant operational improvements. Some resources provided to portfolio companies include:

  • Strategy Development and Deployment
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Business Intelligence and Management Cadence
  • LEAN Six Sigma / Business Full Potential
  • Technology and Digitization
  • Marketing and e-Commerce
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • ABC Analysis and SKU Rationalization

SSC’s extensive operating capabilities were gained through leadership roles at companies such as:

Collaborative Partnership

We are a first-choice firm for founders. SSC seeks to partner with best-in-class management teams and successful entrepreneurs with strategic vision and integrity. We focus on partnering in industries where our principals and operating advisors can help management teams achieve their goals by fostering a collaborative, high touch relationship.

  • Build meaningful and strong partnerships
  • Assist with identifying and executing initiatives
  • Provide full capital and human resources to each management team
  • Develop and execute a shared vision for long-term growth
  • Encourage continued participation from founder / family management teams
  • Provide internal and external growth acquisitions to build company valuations and additional owner equity
  • Extensive experience partnering with founder / family-owned businesses and working through generational transitions

SSC has been named on Inc.’s List of Top Founder-Friendly PE Firms for 4 years in a row, since the list’s inauguration. This award recognizes investors for their track record of successfully partnering with business owners.

Inc. Founder Friendly Investors

Industry Expertise

SSC is a strategic partner with a track record of growing companies to new market heights within the industrial sector. SSC focuses on industries with favorable long-term dynamics and defensible end-markets and seeks to partner with companies that have sustainable competitive advantages.

SSC’s portfolio investments are true partnerships, built on teamwork, open communication, and honest collaboration to capture value for all stakeholders.

Executive References

“Plain and simple, the SSC team delivered on everything they said they would. They moved quickly and operated with the utmost of integrity in each step of the process – they are a true partner. It wasn’t just about the final economics and speed to close, culture was every bit as important to them. David Fredston, SSC’s CEO, and Dewey Turner, their President of Operations flew in multiple times to show how important this deal was to them and to assess the cultural fit with my organization. Despite challenges in our short sale process, SSC was able to work through each obstacle and close our transaction in under 30 days, which is remarkable. I do not believe any other private equity group could have moved that fast and delivered on their commitment. The SSC team gave me their undivided attention and I was continually and consistently impressed by them. They are a great partner for privately-owned businesses and I would love to partner with them again in the future.”

— Brian Gale, CEO at I.D. Images, a SSC portfolio company

“Working with SSC as a portfolio CEO has been a great experience. As a privately held business, we were limited by our own knowledge and experiences. Through collaborating with SSC, our business now has a new outlook for the future. The SSC team’s vast experience has been extremely helpful in achieving operational excellence and evaluating the business through a different perspective. SSC’s support and partnership has motivated and revitalized the entire Supply Chain Services team. This partnership will provide the growth and development needed to bring Supply Chain Services to the next level as an industry leader.”

— Dave Green, CEO at Supply Chain Services, a SSC portfolio company

“SSC’s wealth of experience and collaborative approach has been incredibly helpful as an investment partner. They brought discipline to my company which allowed us to achieve strategic initiatives and growth that wouldn’t have been possible without their involvement. Keeping an open mind to change, understanding, and embracing SSC’s knowledge and expertise has been one of the best opportunities I’ve experienced as a business owner.”

— Abbas Ghulam, Co-Founder at Worldwide Produce, a SSC portfolio company

“Throughout our partnership, SSC provided incredible resources and expertise that most independent business owners have no access to. SSC’s operating partners and in-house operations team created tremendous growth in IFS’s profitability and efficiency, which created a best-in-class business and extraordinary outcome for the team.”



— Jeremy Shapiro, CEO at IFS, a SSC portfolio company & SSC fund investor

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Portfolio Company Endorsements
Certain portfolio company founders who provided their name and opinion as listed on our website are current investors in a SSC fund. They have not received any compensation for their feedback.

For Business Owners

If you have a business that might be of interest to SSC or if you are interested in selling your business, please contact us.